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Lincoln Nautilus: Two Common Problems and Repairs

Your Nautilus everything a mid-size luxury SUV from Lincoln should be -- capable, comfortable, spacious, tech-savvy. Stay on top of regular service (and take care of the occasional problem common to the line), and its pleasure to drive should last decades, hundreds of thousands of miles. That's where we at Ford OEM Parts Direct come in; here's some advice on what to do, and when.

1. Faulty Transmissions

If your Nautilus is having trouble shifting, it's almost always a transmission issue.

When manual transmissions go bad, for instance, you'll notice the clutch start to feel slippery or otherwise unusual, the engine will start to rev high, and you may smell burning following clutch release. Other signs of manual transmission failure include hearing grinding or other noises when shifting, a delayed feel when changing gears, and being unable to find the right gear.

If you hear humming or whining, on the other hand, or clunking, or if gears start slipping or fluid starts leaking, your automatic transmission is likely failing. Put simply, you may need a transmission repair (if not a complete gearbox rebuild).

2. Bad Brakes

Warning lights on the dash, your Nautilus starting to vibrate when braking, taking longer to slow down and stop, hearing grinding sounds -- these all indicate faulty brakes. Find your brake rotors warped or damaged on top of that, and most likely, you need to replace both the rotors and the brake pads.

Drifting sideways, on the other hand, or braking erratically, having brake pressure problems, hearing squealing, and noticing brake fluid leaks -- these suggest bad brake calipers. Buildup or corrosion around caliper seals, though -- that makes caliper failure practically certain; you'll likely have to replace them.

As with any maintenance, if you're not sure how to go about it, a certified Lincoln service center can help.

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