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The year is 1896. In a workshop behind a home in the Motor City, Detroit MI, a machinist-turned-engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company, Henry Ford, builds first experimental vehicle. Soon after, in 1903, he founds the Ford Motor Company, and demand for his firm's vehicles would skyrocket -- so much so, in fact, that Ford would have to develop a system of mass production unprecedented in history in order to keep up with it -- Fordism. One thing was certain: an automotive legacy had been born.

Today, the brand is one with a reputation for American automotive craftsmanship excellence, a producer of some of the most sought-after vehicles for sale today. Its offerings have ranged from sedans like Focus and sports cars like Mustang to pickup trucks like F-150, crossover SUVs like Explorer, and commercial vehicles like Transit 150. In other words, that heritage lives on.

Looking to buy Ford parts and accessories online? Welcome to our auto parts store. Here at Ford OEM Parts Direct, we've got affordable options galore, priced well below MSRP. More importantly, though, we sell only the genuine Ford article -- parts made specifically for your car, truck, SUV, or van. That means everything from transmissions and body panels to brakes and suspensions, plus basics like air filters and windshield wiper blades.

We've made it easy to order them, too. All you have to do is select your Ford model in our catalog, choose its model year, and click its trim and/or engine type, if applicable; the kinds of things you've been searching for will show up, and you can get to browsing immediately. Buy now, and we'll ship and deliver anywhere in the US, fast. We even offer local pickup at our dealership's 330 County Ave location in Secaucus NJ, should you prefer to stop by. Be sure to consult our store shipping, returns, and cancellations policies pages while you shop for complete info on how we do things.

Of course, if you need buying advice from our parts team, or you have any questions or concerns come up along the way, feel free to contact us. Our parts specialists will be glad to help out.