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Lincoln Parts and Accessories for LS for Sale in Secaucus

Your Lincoln LS. It's a luxury sedan with a ride unlike any other, one well worth maintaining. Whether you're repairing the car or just making a few upgrades, we've got the parts and accessories you'll need for the job. We're not like other Lincoln parts stores in New Jersey, either. Shop with us and see why.

Why Buy from Us at Ford OEM Parts Direct?

Lincoln quality. What we sell, the brand you love manufactures, and for its LS models exclusively. It's of the highest standards of craftsmanship excellence, the kind you're used to, and made for your luxury car specifically. What you get will fit and work the way you've come to expect; you can buy with confidence.

Exceptional value. Indeed, you'll save money; our prices are marked down from MSRP, much of the time. However, you can also get steep discounts off retail sometimes -- some, up to 35%. That's better than from most Lincoln dealerships, where you'll almost certainly pay a premium for LS parts. Simply select your model year and trim/engine, and you can start browsing right away.

Warranty coverage. Defects are highly unlikely. Run into any, though, and Lincoln can take care of things. Consider having to buy, say, replacement parts for the common LS problems -- water pumps, for instance, or exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system parts, or even transmission parts. That can end up quite the investment. Having such support offers much-needed peace of mind.

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